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Slawomir Fijalkowski

I am a designer who looks for exceptions to the rule!

My unique objects are also created for an important, usually non-commercial, reason. I studied jewellery design and still treat this experience as a perfect pretext for artistic endeavour, including in other areas of material and visual reality; where art, design, fashion, traditional handicraft and CAD / CAM technology meet.

I am an academic teacher, a professor of fine arts, myself. I run the Experimental Design Studio at the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdańsk / PL, where we strive to carry out in-depth analyses of the direction in which the creative industries are evolving, in order not to follow the easy road of exclusively functional and marketing necessities. I am also the curator of the International Jewellery Art Competition in Legnica and the Amberif jewellery trade show in Gdańsk, author of books and theoretical studies on contemporary design, a critical observer of consumer trends and a fan of (a sometimes a participant in) subversive counterculture.

Join me for a crash-test with truly experimental design!

I'm busy!

pocket talisman, corian

Bloody Cherry

pendant, Baltic amber, stainless steel

(in permanent collection of Gdańsk Amber Museum)


voo-doo object, resin, tie-wrap, wish projection 2021 25th April 2021


necklace, pearls, silver

Rozewie - 54°49'57.6"N 18°20'11.9"E

axes, stone, wood (ready made)


striped flint, plastic, stainless steel

Smartwatch | I can afford not to wear a watch (...I’ve got one in my smartphone anyway)

bracelet, stainless steel, leather

Bad time for democracy

ring + pedestal, Baltic amber, gold

(in permanent collection of Gdańsk Amber Museum)

Pumba First

unique ring, Baltic amber, gold

Pumba XL

unique ring, Baltic amber, corian

Pumba Next

unique ring, Balic amber, gold

Pumba Giant

unique ring, Baltic amber, gold-plated silver


necklace, Baltic amber, stainless steel


necklace, Baltic amber, onyx

(award) < to be completed

Inversio et Convexio

unique rings, Baltic amber, gold

Augmented anatomy

rings, anodised aluminum

First Temptation

XXS bracelet, plastic, gold


anatomical matrix, silver


pendants, flocked polystyrene

Three mice

pendants, dried parsley, silver


ring, lead, gold

Human Gems

rings |silver, stones  (taken out from surgically removed gallbladder of an adult women)

Exhibitions / Events

Selected exhibitions, vernissages, art and educational events, 2000-2021: be complited